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We're Bonnie & Joe, the husband and wife photography team and owners of Sullivan's Pin-Ups Photography LLC.

In January 2012, we started Sullivan’s Pin-Ups and in 2013 we opened a studio in Olyphant PA.   Almost 8 years later, we've made a name for ourselves known for our creativity, versatility and down to earth, easy to work with approach while maintaining package prices that are affordable to the majority.   

The reasons for booking sessions with us vary; for some it's a check on their bucket list, for many it's a release from every day life, some even calling it "therapeutic".   Currently we have countless repeat clients and 20+ VIP clients (those who've shot with us more than 5x, earning themselves a VIP discount and other fun perks.)   All of this is a testament to our approach and affordability.   

Our mission is to help guide women to rediscovering their beauty and fierceness that gets lost and buried under every day roles of mom, wife, caretaker, sole provider etc.   Women get so caught up in taking care of everyone else around them, that they often lose themselves in the shuffle, forgetting that being a woman is much more than being a caretaker, it's about sexuality, passion, individuality,  strength and the desire to feel beautiful and confident.   

We are a body positive studio believing that boudoir / pin-up is for every body of every size with every curve!   We work with women of every age and most importantly..... every body type and size!     As you browse our galleries on our website and social media sites, you will see women of all sizes looking absolutely stunning in our photos!   

Photo:  Jamie Barrase Photography