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We're Bonnie & Joe, the husband and wife photography team and owners of Sullivan's Pin-Ups Photography LLC.

In January 2012, we started Sullivan’s Pin-Ups and in 2013 we opened a studio in Olyphant PA.   Almost 10 years later, we've made a name for ourselves known for our creative / down to earth / easy to work with approach while maintaining affordable photography packages. 

 As you browse our galleries, you'll see women of many ages, body sizes and curves.  Our  studio mission is to help guide all women to rediscovering their beauty.  Being a woman is much more than being a caretaker, it's about sexuality, passion, individuality, independence,  strength and the desire to feel beautiful and confident.   

While we started the business requiring all clients to wear camera-ready makeup, we've made a bold shift  to the complete opposite.   Wearing makeup is now the individual choice of the client.    We found requiring cosmetics to be contradicting to our studio mission of promoting body positivity.  We asked ourselves:  How do we encourage women to embrace their bodies in front of our camera while saying "But first, put makeup on!" ?    You'll see clients in our photos both wearing makeup as well as clients who chose to wear none at all.   Natural beauty shines just as bright as beauty enhanced with cosmetics. 

Wear it?  Don't wear it?   The choice is yours!

Read client Testimonials, browse our galleries, view our work and see the many women who took the first step of jumping out of their comfort zone and booked a session!  Then, view our Packages for the options available for your session!  


Photo:  Jamie Barrase Photography
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