A brief description of each of our current sets. 
If you have an idea for a particular set, as long as we have the props to make it happen, we're open to it.  If you want a specific item / prop that we don't have, you'd be responsible for supplying that.

While most of the wardrobe is part of our collection, we do not carry multiple sizes in the same outfit.  You are always responsible for supplying a great fitting bra / panty set for your session regardless of set / vibe you choose.

BLACK BACKDROP: This set is a blank canvas and can be used for almost any vibe -- boudoir, pinup, ethereal, rock-n-roll, etc.   Your wardrobe would, of course, depend on the vibe you choose.

HOLLYWOOD LIGHTS SET:   This set can also be a blank canvas for the most part.   Great for boudoir, burlesque, Old Hollywood, fashion editorial, rock-n-roll sort of vibes.  Wardrobe dependent on the direction you decide to go.  This does not work for classic pin-up.

BRICK WALL SET:   This set is another blank canvas.   Great for boudoir, fashion editorial, cosplay, rock-n-roll, classic pinup sets, goth, etc.  Wardrobe dependent on the direction you decide to go.

BLINDS SET:  Want steamy, mysterious & sexy boudoir photos?   This is definitely the set you want.  Because you want the shadows to pop, you want to stick to lighter colored wardrobe without patterns.  Bra sets with or without a light colored sheer robe work best.  However, a white wife beater, for example, will give a different look and feel to the set, but still great. 

MIRROR SET:   Another set that is a blank canvas for the most part.  Boudoir, fashion editorial, Old Hollywood, rock-n-roll, horror, etc.   Wardrobe dependent on direction you choose.

BED SET:   Brand New Set that we haven't shot in just yet but it's pretty self explanatory. The burgundy blanket is there just as prop for this photo.    You can choose to wear lingerie, bra set with or without a robe, your significant others button down, a t-shirt or sweater for a fun & flirty, cozy vibe, topless, nude etc.  You can even go for the classic Marilyn Monroe boudoir vibe using just a sheet to drape over you.  .


COFFIN SET:   Another brand new set!   For our horror loving clientele!    This set will work with a sexy vibe (i.e. bra and panties) or a more gothy vibe.   

WHITE WALL SET:   Another blank canvas set.  Great for fun mugshot sessions or anything you can dream up!  There's not a lot of space in this set, so propping it isn't possible.  Wardrobe dependent on the direction you decide to go.