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We're sure you're wondering what the heck is Old Dog Boudoir :  


Welp, that puppers on the bed is Crimson, she was our 15 year old pitbull / border collie mix at the time this photo was taken.

   She lived a full life in her 15 years and it was only her aches and pains that slowed her down physically.   Ten years ago, she tore her ACL while participating in her favorite activity, chasing squirrels in the backyard.     Most recently,  she was diagnosed with Vestibular Disease (aka Old Dog Disease) and was doing well, aside from her occasional stumble and permanent head tilt to the right.   She was still happy and wanted to chase squirrels.   She was a bad ass rebel to the end.

This bed set was our specialty outdoor bed boudoir set (which is no longer available except for our Old Dog Boudoir).    Our girl loved "big bed time" which was merely snuggling with us on our bed in the morning.    So, when we created this set in our yard, she was very interested the entire time and we knew we had to take a photo of her on the "big bed" outside.    This photo sparked our idea for Old Dog Boudoir.    When we saw it, we thought "What a gorgeous photo to have of our old girl!"    We had no idea that in just 6 weeks, we would need to rush her unexpectedly to the vets only to have to make the heart-wrenching decision to send her to the Rainbow Bridge due to internal hemorrhaging.

Because this is a side gig to our pin-up / boudoir business, this is limited to aging dogs only.  We want to give everyone the chance to own a beautiful photo such as this to frame and hang, to memorialize and honor our faithful companions in their golden years.    These sessions, are currently only offered one Sunday of each month, June through September, with limited availability.  This is opened to older dogs only.  We will not photograph younger dogs or any pets other than "older" dogs and of course, "older" means different ages to each K-9 breed, which we have researched.    


"Big Bed"  Boudoir Package: 

(one dog per session)

*Boudoir setting that includes a "big bed" and decor

*5 fully edited digital images of your fur-baby!  

For 2020, the dates available are:

Three spots for each day, first come first serve!

We book in order from 1st to last spot - no exceptions.  We're sorry.

Sunday June 14th (1 of 3 spots booked!) 
Sunday July 19th

Sunday August 9th

Sunday September 13th  (1 of 3 spots booked!)




for package price and availability.

Repeat / VIP client discounts do not apply to Old Dog Boudoir.

Please be sure to include your dogs breed & age to see if you qualify for this photography service.