A Steamy Winter's

If you’ve been following us for a bit, you’ll know that every October, we roll out new themed specialty sessions for the following year, often discounted with several themes not offered at any other time. It’s a huge event, that our clients plan for and put in their calendars.

This past October, we offered a “Winter Wonderland” session for January. Due to trying to limit time in the studio as a COVID-19 pre-caution, we didn’t offer wardrobe with this session. We promoted it as a “come ready” session with wardrobe suggestions such as a cute scarf and hat set, your favorite boots and maybe even your favorite mug, filled with coffee, as a prop. As someone who hates being cold and not a huge fan of snow / winter, they were all ideas that would create a visual of warmth and coziness.

Enter: this lovely client, who has been shooting with us for a few years now, many times a year.

She had her own ideas!

After booking, she emailed photos of her coat and said she wanted to work with it and a pair of boots, maybe with lingerie underneath. We loooooooved the idea! So, she got to work, finding a perfect piece of lingerie to wear under it, and even added a matching faux fur hand-muff and headband!

The result? Stunning and steamy images!

It was all of 22 degrees the day of her session. She arrived ready to shoot -- wrapped in her aqua colored coat with nothing but her lingerie underneath. She told a story of her neighbor, a woman slightly younger than she is, who was outside as she went to warm up her car, teasingly questioning whether she had “anything on under that coat”.

She braved the chilly temps, making it look easy, as I was bundled up, doubled layered under my winter coat, snow boots, hat and gloves. ( I may’ve even had on toe warmers inside my boots!)

After about 20-25 minutes of shoot time, we headed back to our vehicles and went our separate ways. About an hour later, we received an email, with a selfie attached, saying “ And just like that, back to my hoodie and jeans LOL! ”

She’s an example of doing what is needed for some amazing images!

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