Celebrate Like The World Revolves Around You! (Psst, Because in Our Studio, It Does!)

I couldn't not write about this session! I mean, look at the photos; the big smile and genuine excitement on her face! She is beaming and is filled with delight and sheer joy! Birthday sessions are special and so fun to shoot! The studio is filled with child-like energy! After all, it takes a child-like spirit to enjoy all the elements of a birthday --- a day where you are the center of attention, the gifts and yes, eating cake with wild abandon.

This stunning client has been shooting with us for close to 8 years out of the (almost) 10 we've been in business and surprisingly, this is her first birthday themed shoot! I know! Joe & I are pretty shocked about that too! But moving on......

In her true fashion, she rolled in with 4-6 bags filled with personalized prop options (through the years of shooting with us, she's learned that we enjoy when a client feels comfortable enough to personalize their session). While we do have fancy vintage tea cups, a cake pedastal, artifical flower arrangements and "gift boxes" she could've used, she brought her own so that it's not only personalized, but slightly different from sessions our other clients have done. She wanted this to feel like she "woke up like this" and was enjoying the morning in bed with some tea and..... maybe a little espresso vodka! Who's to judge a girl on her birthday, anyway!

Some clients who booked birthday themed sessions have gone all out with their decorations such as helium balloons, streamers, birthday horns and even backdrops, she wanted to keep hers a little more toned down, so that the glam and glitz would be focused on her, not the set decor. After all, a birthday babe wearing a tiara demands to be in the limelight, right?

If you're interested in booking your own birthday session, we have a few set options available to you, which we can discuss at your consult. All clients who book birthday sessions, are asked to bring their own cake / cupcake and any specific birthday decor they'd like. (i.e. streamers, etc). Want to wear a tiara? We got you covered! Not sure what you'd wear? You'll have access to our wardrobe at your consult! Ready to book a birthday session but not sure of how to pull the "idea" together---- that's what we're here for --- to help with all of it!

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