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“I’m about to puke.” That was my first thought when walking into my first photo shoot with Bonnie and Joe. It was my first time and I booked an all day session. “What the hell was I thinking?!” Fast forward to the end…I had the best day! I enjoyed every minute of hair and make-up, who doesn’t like getting pampered and looking gorgeous afterward. They helped me through all the uncomfortable parts, giving direction for poses, helping me overcome my insecurities and helping me go with the flow. I trusted the process 100% and it didn’t disappoint! I can’t even describe the confidence boost when I saw my final images. After that first shoot, my goal was to become a VIP for all the perks including the mommy and me sessions, so I could share my experience with my daughter. Three years later and I’m still booking sessions! I would tell anyone on the fence about booking to take the leap, you won’t regret doing something for yourself that will make you feel great! If I can get over myself enough to do it anyone can."

Melinda - New York

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"Anytime I book a session with Sullivan’s Pin-up’s LLC, I know I am down for one hell of a day of fun. The atmosphere is welcoming for first time women and even repeat clients. Hair, makeup and wardrobe are included with most of the sessions they offer - very rarely do they offer a shoot theme where you need to do your own hair and makeup. Did I mention the wardrobe? Massive! A full walk in-closet and at least over 100 different pairs of shoes. They offer Repeat Client discounts and VIP client discounts as well - the more you shoot with them, the more money you can save once you hit the VIP mark. Modeling experience? You don’t need that either! Bonnie and Joe will help you with posing. I always love the pictures I get back and I have yet to get one I dislike. Professional, fun, affordable and full of laughter - definitely one of my favorite places to have a ME day. "

Liz - Pennsylvania 

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"You make me comfortable in my own skin. Each time I shoot with you, I am learning to love myself more and more. I just can't believe how beautiful I look in each and every shot! It's amazing! It makes me see myself in a whole new way. Thank you so much for all the new confidence you've given me. I can't wait for my next shoot!"

Christie - New jersey

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"For a long time, I really admired girls who did photoshoots. I thought it looked like so much fun but I didn’t feel confident enough to do it myself. Then by chance (thanks to random facebook browsing!) I found Sullivans Pin-Ups. They offered so many types of boudoir/alternative style, and the photos were gorgeous. I bit the bullet, and messaged Bonnie and Joe. They were both incredibly helpful and walked me through every detail via message and studio consult. From that very first shoot I not only knew I’d absolutely be a repeat client, but that Sullivans is truly about empowering women to love themselves, inside and out. I simply cannot recommend them enough."

Suzy  - Pennsylvania

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"I did my first session after following their Facebook page for a couple years. At that point, I was trying to get back to really loving my body and myself. I mostly did it for me, but I also did it to help spice up my marriage a little. Once I got my photos, i was floored how amazing i looked, imperfections and all. I've done 3 more sessions since, with 3 more happening this year, and I've found different parts of me that i never really knew existed. Thank you eternally for helping me to see me, to appreciate me, to love me."

Kat - Pennsylvania

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