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" I had followed Sullivan's Pin-Ups for quite some time... after having a challenging couple of years I finally made the leap when I saw she had a cancelation for a DFY session. I really needed a boost of confidence and to have some fun. Well, the experience was better than I ever could have imagined. Bonnie is so down to earth and fun, she always makes me feel comfortable and is so fun loving. I have since done many shoots with her over the past few years and each one gets better and better. I have even started gifting shoots to my sisters and women in my life... it's something everyone should experience just once. It's a huge self esteem boost and just down right a good, fun time! I also have to say that the women that she shoots and women's group on her site is amazing and so empowering! They are always positive and such an amazing group to be a part of!"



I’d always admired the typical boudoir photos you see. You know the ones…a woman sitting at a vanity in a bra and panties wearing some pearls and looking beautiful. But I never knew of anyone locally who did those photos and also didn’t think I had the body for them. One day a friend mentioned she had a consult at Sullivan’s and I begged her to let me go with her. After that I followed the page for probably a year until I did my first shoot. And let me tell you the nerves were there but as soon as we starting shooting they slowly went away. That’s just how Bonnie makes you feel. It took me so long to book because I didn’t think I had anyone to do a shoot for but eventually I figured out to do it just for me. I’ve done a second one since and hope to do more in the future. Bonnie and Joe are awesome people and the positivity they promote constantly is amazing. 



I have never had confidence when it comes to my self-image, and it is something I think a lot of us struggle with. After admiring Sullivan’s work for years, I had my first photoshoot in June of 2020 with Bonnie, and I thought I was going to pass out on my way to the studio because I was so nervous. Once I got there I was worried that I would photograph heavy or the photos wouldn’t turn out to be anything that I liked, I have a hard time looking a photos of myself. My first photoshoot was amazing, and Bonnie made me feel completely comfortable not only in my own skin, but not being the traditional “pretty” photos. Since June of 2020, I have done four photoshoots with Bonnie from traditional beauty type shots to witchy goodness. Every time was a blast, Bonnie’s personality makes you feel so comfortable, and you will never hear anything but positive feedback from her on your body or your “beauty.” Bonnie is a wonderful person, a talented photographer, and she will make you feel super comfortable. You will be laughing by the end of the shoot. I went from a new client to a VIP in 6 months, I have multiple shoots scheduled for 2021, and I look forward to working with Sullivan’s well into the future! Thank you for making me more comfortable in my own skin.



"I did my first session after following their Facebook page for a couple years. At that point, I was trying to get back to really loving my body and myself. I mostly did it for me, but I also did it to help spice up my marriage a little. Once I got my photos, i was floored how amazing i looked, imperfections and all. I've done 3 more sessions since, with 3 more happening this year, and I've found different parts of me that i never really knew existed. Thank you eternally for helping me to see me, to appreciate me, to love me."




I booked my first session with Sullivan’s back in 2016 and it was one of the best things I ever did to boost my self confidence.  I was so nervous that first shoot but Bonnie and Joe calmed me right down and had me giggling at some points.  When I got the pictures from that first shoot I couldn’t believe it was me! I was pretty much hooked after that.  I’ve booked quite a few sessions these past few years and with each session I feel like I get more and more comfortable, in fact, looking back at the pictures I can SEE that I get more and more comfortable in my own skin.  It’s like a documentary of my journey to loving myself just as I am and I’m incredibly grateful to have them.  I love that Bonnie is always so open to ideas from her clients either in the initial email or during the consult she asks for your input and has been totally down for some of my unusual ideas (like when I wanted to have a funeral for my marriage).  I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience, if you are thinking about booking, do yourself a favor and go for it! You won’t be disappointed!



I had always wanted to be photographed as a pin-up, it's been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember! When I found out about Sullivan's, I was thrilled,  yet nervous to make the appointment. My first appointment was 4 years ago, and since then I've come back twice for other shoots. So it seems that it wasn't simply a bucket list item completed, but more of an obsession! I live in Philadelphia and more than 2 hours from the studio, yet the drive is merely a hop, skip and a jump while driving to them! Bonnie and Joe are more than just artists with cameras, we've become friends and I absolutely love working with them! stly I can't wait to work with them again!



"For a long time, I really admired girls who did photoshoots. I thought it looked like so much fun but I didn’t feel confident enough to do it myself. Then by chance (thanks to random facebook browsing!) I found Sullivans Pin-Ups. They offered so many types of boudoir/alternative style, and the photos were gorgeous. I bit the bullet, and messaged Bonnie and Joe. They were both incredibly helpful and walked me through every detail via message and studio consult. From that very first shoot I not only knew I’d absolutely be a repeat client, but that Sullivans is truly about empowering women to love themselves, inside and out. I simply cannot recommend them enough."



I was nervous for the consultation, but even worse as my photo shoot approached.  After meeting both Bonnie and Joe, they made me feel welcome and comfortable.  The day of my shoot I asked myself if I could do this and be sexy or even pretty enough!  After seeing my photos, I felt beautiful and saw myself in a different way.  Bonnie was so easy to work with (Joe wasn't in the studio the day of my session) and she did everything to make you laugh and have fun!  Thank you so much for the confidence I needed to show myself!!!



I knew for ages that if ever I found out I was growing a tiny human, I wanted a themed maternity photo shoot. Having followed Sullivan’s Pin-Up Photography for quite some time, I knew that they would be the perfect fit for what I envisioned. Their commitment to body positivity, empowerment, natural beauty, and artistry shines through in every image. And my photo shoot was no exception. Despite the fact that the entire process was a bit out of my comfort zone, Bonnie made me feel completely at ease. Her guidance and vision were so easy to follow and led to some truly beautiful photographs. I felt like a goddess. I am so grateful for the experience, and am thrilled to have these memories of such a special time in my life.

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Oh where do I even begin! I remember seeing Sullivan's posts show up on my feed but never heard of them. I admired their work for years.  I finally decided to book a shoot as a gift. My first session was a boudoir. I went in for my consult and was nervous. Here I was trying on lingerie in front of people I never met before! Bonnie helped through the whole process recommending different outfits, styles, and themes. She made it less intimidating. The day of my shoot I was nervous. Actually, nervous is an understatement! I was so nervous that I almost vomited outside of the studio and walked back to my car! 

Nope, I wasn't doing it! I didn't care that I would be forfeiting my payment.

I built up the courage and walked in. Both Bonnie and Joe were there that day in the studio. They both created a calming environment and talked me through everything from posing to where to look and when. Then I got the photos back!

I couldn't believe them and that the woman in the photos was me!

That first session made me feel like a woman again. Not a wife, mother, sister, or my career title, but a woman who was at least a little pretty. Since that session, I can't even tell you many more times I have booked with Bonnie and Joe! I have done everything from boudoir, to horror, to classic pin up, to Mommy and me shoots. Every time I go in for a session, I still have some nerves because I never know what comfort zone Bonnie is going to pull me out of, but it's worth it every single time! The emphasis that they put on female empowerment is by far the best. They create a safe and inviting environment (where I won't lie, you usually end up laughing your ass off) for women to go and be themselves. They never allow inappropriate comments on the photos that they share online. I honestly can't say enough about both Bonnie and Joe! I know I will continue to be a fan of their work and continue to use them when I decide I need a session! You won't be disappointed!

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